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“I feel that an independent college is exactly where I'm supposed to be.”

— Cindy Rios
Whitworth University


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Your guide to getting into college

Whether you are currently in high school, a current college student looking to transfer, or a parent helping your student go to college, Project Opportunity will help you achieve your goals. Watch this short video to learn key facts about independent colleges in Washington state.


High School Students

Start with the fundamentals, such as why go to college, how to pick a school, the differences between a large and small school, and other Frequently Asked Questions. It's like: "After High School 101"

Consider if a Liberal Arts education is right for you on our "Why Liberal Arts?" page.

We also have special pages for first generation students (if your parents did not go to college) and Spanish speaking students.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, go to the High School Students section for more in-depth information on the college application, admissions, and finance process.

Transfer Students

If you’ve already started your college career, you have already experienced a bit of college life.

If you are nearly finishing, or already have your Associates degree at a community or technical college, you can transfer to a four year college or university to earn your Bachelors degree.

Or perhaps you are looking for different type of educational environment, such as a Liberal Arts college, to continue your higher education.

In either case, you’ll want to make a smooth transition. This site can help you by answering the many questions you might have about the transfer process. Visit the Transfer Student section for more in-depth information on the application, credit transfer, and finance process.

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